Executive Close Protection

Our Executive Close Protection services are unparalleled in quality, efficiency and value. Our bespoke Close Protection services are tailored to provide complete security management for high-risk, high net-worth individuals, corporations and families, including CEOs, celebrities, visiting dignitaries, royalty and heads of state.

APSIL‘s Close Protection Officers are internationally trained in executive protection and covert operations. They gather protective intelligence, assess threats, and then design a plan tailored to the client’s needs and threat level. We understand that as the world becomes an even more volatile place, more and more persons are becoming more security conscious and seeking ways to ease the burden of stress from potential threats of theft, physical attack, kidnap and more.

Each person and situation requires different security measures and systems to prevent harm. The APSIL strategy  is based on  “3 Rings of Protection,” which provides maximum protection. In addition to defense, combat, and firearms training, our agents are trained to perform advance work and planning, logistics, emergency medical response, communications and surveillance.

We provide a truly premium service and deploy Close Protection Officers that unobtrusively fit in with you and your lifestyle. Whether at a premier event, in the boardroom or with family, our CPOs are vastly experienced and equipped to provide the best in protection.

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